About China Cetacean Alliance

The China Cetacean Alliance is a coalition of international animal protection and conservation organisations.
We are the only organisation specifically targeting marine parks and working to raise awareness of the activities of the marine park industry in China. We hold the most comprehensive data on facilities and undertake regular investigations with our specialists.


Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) has been dedicated since 1951 to reducing animal suffering caused by people. AWI seeks better treatment of animals everywhere—in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild. www.awionline.org


Endangered Species Fund is dedicated to the protection of endangered species in China. Through public awareness raising activities, the Fund promotes biodiversity conservation and legislation for species conservation to realize the sustainable development of ecological civilization in China. The Endangered Species Fund was initiated by China Biodiversity Conservation & Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF).

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Environment & Animal Society Taiwan (EAST) is a non-governmental organization campaigning for improvements for animals, people and the environment in Taiwan, established in 1999. EAST believes that human welfare is closely linked with animal welfare and environmental protection, and aims to use these links to address the roots of problems. EAST researchers uncover cruelties and injustices of which society would otherwise not be aware. EAST also believes that effective change needs to happen at a legislative level, as well as through awareness-raising and institutional education. Besides advocating for better welfare for companion animals, farm animals, wildlife and experimental animals, EAST actively engages in many environmental issues. EAST promotes freedom of government information, and lobbies for the improvement of existing legislation, with better citizen participation in public policy-making in Taiwan. www.east.org.tw

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Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society (HKDCS) is a nongovernmental organization dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in Hong Kong. Founded in December 2003, its mission is to protect whales and dolphins through scientific research and public education. www.hkdcs.org


Kuroshio Ocean Education Foundation (KOEF) was founded in 1998 to investigate and monitor cetaceans in Taiwan. Its mission is to gather ocean lovers in Taiwan to protect the oceanic environment and deliver conservation information to the public. www.kuroshio.org.tw

Life Investigation Agency was established in 2010. They are an independent campaigning organization to investigate, expose, inspire and campaign against the illegal trade in wildlife, illegal logging and trade of timber species, the destruction of our natural environment and the abuse for animals. http://ngo-lia.org/ 

Marine Connection works internationally to protect dolphins and whales in the wild and to end the keeping of them in captivity. Through effective campaigning and public awareness initiatives on issues such as the formation/expansion of new captive facilities, wild captures and other threats to cetaceans caused by human activity, Marine Connection is dedicated to ensuring their welfare and survival. www.marineconnection.org


Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) is the global voice for the protection of whales, dolphins and their environment. WDC aims to reduce and ultimately eliminate continuing threats to cetaceans and their habitats through campaigns, field projects, scientific research, educational outreach and legal advocacy. The charity was established in 1987 and has offices in the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, and Argentina. www.whales.org